If the library doesn’t have an item you want, you can place an Interloan request and we will attempt to obtain it from another library for you.

We have co-operative arrangements with other libraries in New Zealand which enable us to make these requests on your behalf. These libraries include the National Library of New Zealand, special libraries, academic libraries such as Universities and Polytechnics and other Public libraries.

Who may Interloan?

Anyone with a current Whanganui District Library membership card.

What can be Interloaned?

Books, music CDs (mainly classical), music scores, photocopies of magazine/journal articles (in accordance with the Copyright Act), theses, some audio-visual material and car manuals.

Please check our catalogue first to ensure we don’t have the item already:

Or browse other libraries’ catalogues at:

How do I Interloan?

You can ask a member of staff for assistance, phone us on 349 1000, or you can email us.

What does it Cost?

There is a $10 fee per item.

What kind of arrival time can I expect?

Requests for non-urgent Interloans can generally be supplied within a week provided the item is on the shelf at a library we have requested it from. National Library items which are ‘on the shelf’; are almost always here within the week. If the item is already on loan at any library, we can place a reserve on it, but then supply of the item can take several weeks or longer.

How long can I borrow an Interloan?

Your Interloan will be issued to you for 28 days – a week longer than the normal loan period. Interloan items cannot be renewed.

How will you notify me?

We will phone you when your item arrives – please supply a day-time phone number or if you prefer, provide a current email address and indicate that that is your preferred method of notification.

Where do I collect my Interloan?

Your item will be held for you at the Davis LIbrary issue desk, the Gonville Café Library, Hakeke Street Library or the Mobile Library. Please present your library card and your item will be issued to you.