Book & collect

Welcome to Book & Collect

How does it work?

The library team will bag up stock for you to make it through the rest of level-2. It can include non-fiction, fiction, magazines, dvds or talking books.During level-2 we won’t be charging rental or overdue fees, so don’t be afraid to order what you’d like.

Step One: Get in touch

You can do this in three different ways:

Step Two: We will prep your order

The library team gather your requests and bag them up ready for pick-up. We will then contact you and confirm a time for you to collect your bag.

Step Three: Come visit

Your order is ready. Stop by at the Davis or Gonville Libraries at the agreed time, grab your bag of items and pop back home to enjoy them. The service will be completely contactless, so no need to check-out or confirm your order at time of pickup.