Better Digital Futures for Seniors

Let’s get our seniors online with this FREE digital literacy programme for people aged 65+.

Classes starting Friday 19 March, 10am – 12 noon

These classes are designed for those who have very little experience with the internet and digital technology. They aim to give people the confidence and skills to go online with smartphones, tablets or computers.

There are four pathways in the Better Digital Futures programme:

  • Pathway 1: Digital Introductory – for seniors who want to know why they should connect to the digital world. It will cover communicating with friends and family, being less dependent on others and pursuing hobbies online.
  • Pathway 2: Digital Essentials – for seniors who want to know how to connect to the digital world. but have little or no experience and find the digital world somewhat confusing.
  • Pathway 3: Digital Engagement – for seniors who want to use the internet to improve their lives. It includes online shopping, banking, managing photos and solving common computer problems.
  • Pathway 4: Digital Safety – for seniors who want to keep themselves and their whānau safe online.

Brought to you by Whanganui District Library in partnership with the DIAA (Digital Inclusion Alliance of Aotearoa).

Pathway 1 Digital Introductory Pathway starting Friday 19 March: 4 weekly sessions, 10am – 12 noon, Alexander Library Lounge, Whanganui

Bookings are essential. Phone Rachel Smith, Learning & Discovery Librarian, on (06) 349 1000 or book online at