The Te Taurawhiri collection was launched in the Davis Library in 1999 to celebrate the Te Taurawhiri pou that once stood in the Davis Library courtyard.

Te Taurawhiri is an evolving collection of Māori resources dedicated to expanding our knowledge of Māori culture, history, language and society.
We also have a separate Te Taurawhiri children’s collection located in the children’s area of the Davis Library. This collection contains a smaller selection of the Maori culture, history and language resources including Te Reo easy readers.

We also have resources for:

  • Iwi/hapÅ« history
  • Biographies
  • Waitangi Tribunal claim reports
  • Tikanga
  • The Arts
  • Contemporary issues for Māori.
  • Easy readers in te reo
  • Stories and information for kids
  • Maori music (located in entertainment area)
  • Maori Magazines (located in magazine area)