Library Services

Library services are provided to respond to the literacy, recreational, information, learning and cultural needs of the community.

Whanganui's libraries are a vast repository of information and complementary professional services are offered to ensure best use can be made of these resources.


 We provide this service via:‚Äč

  • A central library - the ‘ Davis’ at Queens Park.
  • The Alexander Heritage and Research Library (where the nationally-renowned Wanganui Collection is housed, along with the Lovegrove Military Archive) which is operating in a temporary location at 60 Ridgway Street while earthquake strengthening is done on the Queens Park building.
  • A suburban cafe library - 'Gonville Cafe Library' in the Gonville Centre, Abbot Street.
  • The Suzanne Aubert Library at Jerusalem. 
  • A Mobile Library, serving schools, rest homes, suburban and rural communities.
  • A web site -

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