Tylee Cottage

Tylee Cottage, built in 1853, is one of Wanganui’s oldest homes. It is named after Thomas Tylee, a Wanganui pioneer who was in charge of the commissariat for the 65th Regiment. The cottage was originally situated in Wilson Street.

By 1981 the cottage had become run down and was being used as the donko and tyre storage for Reidrubber. At this time it was moved to St George’s Gate to be part of an historical street project, which was later shelved due to high costs.

In 1982 the cottage was moved to its present site where it was restored. In January 1986 the cottage was re-opened as the Wanganui Artist-in-Residence home, with its first resident being photographer Laurence Aberhart.

Other occupants have included Sue Cooke, Anne Noble, Peter Ireland and Julian Hooper, a descendant of Anglican missionary Reverend Richard Taylor.