Band Rooms

The Wanganui Garrison Band was made up of two bands – the Wanganui Rifles Band, formed in conjunction with the No 1 Company of the Wanganui Rifles, and the Wanganui Rifle Volunteer Band.

The original band rooms of the Garrison Band were situated alongside the Army Drill Hall, at the site of the present War Memorial Hall. Band numbers increased and practices shifted into the Drill Hall until 1901, when it became necessary to construct new band rooms to accomodate all of the band.

A new, octagonal band rotunda was built on Queen’s Park and first occupied a site near where the Cenotaph is today. In May 1935 the building was shifted to the present band rooms site where it served the band community well until 1996, when the building was destroyed after a series of fires, thought to be arson.

The present band room was built with acoustical quality being a high priority, and its architectural style uses elements from other Queen’s Park buildings. Wanganui Brass, formed by an amalgamation of the Wanganui Garrison Band and City Brass, are the current tenants.