Internet on Demand

We provide free internet access via the Internet on Demand Network (IoD). There are seven desktop PCs at the Davis Central City Library and four at Gonville Café Library. In addition there are four IoD PCs in the Alexander Heritage and Research Library. Sessions are limited to 30 minutes for Guests and 45 minutes for Library members, you can have as many sessions per day as you like.

If you have a wireless capable laptop, netbook, tablet or other device, you can also use the IoD wireless in all three locations - this service is not time-limited.

Printing from the IoD is available at 20c per side.

Express Network

The Wanganui District Library provides fast internet access to supplement the Aotearoa Peoples Network Kaharoa and ensure we can keep our community connected. There is a charge for using this service, but you can pay for as much time as you need or want - and any unused time in one session can be saved to be used later.

Charges: $1 - 15mins, $2 - 30mins, $3 - 1hr, $5 - 2hr, $7 - 3hr

 Printing is available at 20c per side.