Catalogue/Ebsco Discovery Service FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
How do I start a new search?
  • Click on the “New Search” link in the top left of the page, in the blue bar.
How do I search the catalogue only (and exclude all the online resources from the Library's databases)?
  • Enter your search terms into the search box, click on the "Search Options" under the search box and select the "Catalogue Only" box in the right hand pane, click the green “Search” button.
  • Or, once you have done your search, "Refine your results" by selecting the "Catalogue Only" box on the left hand side of your results screen, then “Update”.
How do I search for a book by a particular author?
  • Click on the radio button for “Author” on the front page of the Library catalogue.
  • Type in the full name of the author in any order e.g. Brian Cox, Cox Brian, or Lee Child.  Avoid using initials unless the author is commonly referred to in this way e.g. Tolkien J R R or D H Lawrence. Click the green Search button.
  • If you want only physical items in the library, click “Catalogue Only” on the left pane, and “Update”. The catalogue option will usually sort author search results into date order with the latest at the top.
  • To sort the results in other ways click on the heading “Relevance” and choose “Date Descending” or “Date Ascending” depending on your previous search limits.
How do I get a list of DVD's in the Library collection?
  • If you want a list of ALL the DVDs in our collection type DVD In the search box, click “Search” then at the search result page click “Catalogue Only” and “Update” to narrow down to the items in our physical collection only.
  • To restrict it further, scroll down to the list of “Subject” headings at the foot of the left hand column e.g. DVD-- TV series, comedy films, anime, fantasy films etc.
How do I find a particular TV series on DVD in the Library collection?
  • In the keyword search box, type in DVD and….the name of the series you’re after; e.g. Morse, Dad’s Army, Wallander etc.
 How do I find Talking Books in the Library collection?
  • Click the radio button for “Title” search on the front page of the Library catalogue then type in a particular title you would like and press enter.
  • Once the results appear scroll down to ‘Material Type’ and choose “Audio Books” and “Update”. If it does not appear you may have to click ‘show more’ to see it.
How do I find CDs by a particular artist?
  • Type in a singer/composer as an “Author” search. Under “Subject” tick ‘Compact Discs” and “Update”.
  • Or, put the artist’s name and compact disc in a keyword search. Always write compact disc in full -  NOT CD e.g. Adam Lambert and compact disc.
Can I limit my search to Gonville Café Library only?
  • Yes.  From the search results scroll down to find a Library Branch heading on the left. Please note this heading will only appear if there are items held at more than one of the libraries. Click on this heading and choose the library and click “Update”.  An updated list of results will display.
  • OR at the start of your search click “Search Options” below the main search box and limit the location to Gonville Café Library in the left hand pane.
How can I find out if an item is available for loan, or when it is due back, and where it is?
  • On your result list you will see a box below each record giving you information about where the item is.
  • If the item is available, you will see the shelf location in green (e.g. first 3 letters of author's surname for fiction and Dewey number for non-fiction) and the library location in black.
  • If the item is on loan, the words "on loan" replace the shelf location (in green). You can "request this item" (click on the blue link).
  • If there is more than one copy of the title, you will either see "on loan - multiple locations" or "check availability - multiple locations"
  • For more information about where these titles are, or when they are due back, click onto the word "multiple locations" or onto the title of the item, to see the full record and holdings information. 
 How do I sort my results to find the most recent titles first?
  • To sort your result list by date, change the "relevance sort" option on the blue bar above your result list, to "date descending". You will then see the newest titles at the top of the list.
How do I reserve a Library item?
  • From the results of your search choose an item to reserve by clicking on ‘request this item’. This will link to another page where the heading ‘Place Hold’ displays. Click this.
  • Enter your 7 or 8 Library barcode and PIN number. (A PIN can be set at the library desk if you do not have one). Click on “Login to the eLibrary OPAC). Click “Place Hold” on the left. Change the pickup location if desired. There is also an option here to suspend the hold if you will be away on holiday or know you will be absent for a period of time.
  • Click the ‘place hold’ tab. To check the Holds (or reserves) on your account, click “My Account” then “Review My Account”.
How do I find out where I am in the queue for a title I have reserved?
  • Click on the My Account tab on the upper left of the catalogue page (to the right of New Search) Enter all the numbers of your library card plus your PIN number. Click on “Login to e-Library OPAC”. Click on “Review My Account”.
  • Click “Holds” and a list of your current holds appear showing your position in the queue for each item. You will not see a position if the item is ‘on order’ – i.e. the library is in the processing of buying it.
How do I find out what I have out on loan, and when those items are due back?
  • Click on the My Account tab on the upper left of the catalogue page (to the right of New Search). Enter all the numbers of your library card plus your PIN number. Click on “Login to e-library OPAC”. Click on “Review My Account”
  • To display the items you have on loan, click onto "Checkouts". The due date will be listed beside the item.
  • Also listed are your “Previous Checkouts”, items you have had on your card since March 25, 2012.
How do I create lists using the library catalogue?
Option 1 - An Ebsco account to save search results - including full text articles, items you have read or wish to read and more.
  • At the catalogue home page, click on ‘Login to Ebsco’. Set up a personal account with a user name and password (it doesn’t need to be the same as your library account).
  • To add items to a list click on ‘add to folder’ beneath the search result. To look at your saved searches, click on the Folder icon in the top right of the screen. These results may be emailed, printed or saved to your computer or accessed from any computer once they are saved as long as you log in.
Option 2 - My Account list - for saving searches and keeping lists of physical items owned the Library only to either view, print, email or create booklists.
  • Click on ‘My Account’ from the catalogue home page in the top left of the screen, next to the “New Search” button.
  • Click “Search/Home” to search the catalogue.
  • Tick the ‘Keep’ checkbox next to the items you wish to save into a list.
  • Scroll up and click on ‘Kept’ - the list will appear. Select these and click either ‘View’ or ‘Save’ to print or email.
  • If you want to keep a record of your searches and create permanent lists attached to your Library Account, log in with your library barcode and PIN number then do the following:
  • Click on “Search/Home” to bring up a search box. Click on Permanent Lists.
  • In the text box labelled ‘New List’ type in a name for your list then click ‘Make List Active’. This will save the LIST title in the current lists dropdown box above.
  • Search for items you wish to save into this list by clicking on “Search/Home”. When you find the items you want – save them into a list by clicking “+My list”.
  • Go to your “Permanent Lists” and check the saved titles to save into the list selected from the current lists dropdown on the right and click “Make List Active”.